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Book Review: The Pelvic Handbook

Author: Jill Diedrich



Suzi Alderete, a leader in the use of Myofascial stretch therapy, has just released The Pelvic Handbook, which details why the pelvic muscles are important, not only to reach one’s full athletic potential, but also in everyday life.

pelvic-handbook-cover-250She is a leader in the use of Myofascial stretching to provide relief from acute and chronic injuries that arise from athletic activity as well as enhance performance through increased range of motion. Her academic credentials include an exercise science degree from Northern Arizona University and training at the nationally-known Stretch to Win Clinic in Phoenix. But it is her hands-on experience in working with elite athletes that has been most valuable. Since moving to Austin, Alderete has worked with countless competitive cyclists and runners who have come to appreciate her talent. She continues to stay atop of her field, participating in multiple workshops taught by Thomas Meyers, author of “The Anatomy Trains,” and Ann and Chris Frederick, creators of The Stretch to Win System.

The book, which is available as an eBook as well as in hard copy form, details why the pelvic muscles are important, not only to reach one’s full athletic potential, but also in everyday life. 

For example, Alderete said one reason she wrote the book was to help women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. 

“Weakened pelvic floor muscles from child birth, surgery and trauma can lead to stress incontinence, causing you to lose control of your urine,” said Alderete. “Although it is not often talked about, approximately 75 percent of the female population will experience one or more pelvic floor disorders by age 50. Hypertonic pelvic floor muscles, which are over contracted or too tight, can also cause involuntary loss of urine and affect women who are ultra athletes like marathoner runners and tri-athletes, dancers and victims of sexual abuse.” 

The other reason she wrote the book was out of frustration with the fitness industry. 

“The pelvic floor muscles are one of the core muscles and yet they are chronically overlooked,” said Alderete, who also created and published the video “Pilates for Sex.” “By strengthening these muscles, you’ll enable the rest of your body for peak athletic performance.” 

The Pelvic Handbook also goes to great lengths to explain and illustrate exercises that can strengthen these muscles. 

The second version of The Pelvic Handbook, written by Suzi Alderete, is now available at

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