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The Majesty of Lifeaholism – Reverence for Life

Stephen Brocklehurst

Author: Stephen Brocklehurst


“Ethics, too, are nothing but reverence for Life. This is what gives me the principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring, and limiting life are evil.”

– Albert Schweitzer

On a planet dominated by racial & religious hatred; where stress is cited as one of the biggest killers in the world, to openly admit a love for life, is a rarity. This is especially so in the West, where commercialisation depends upon illustrating to the consumer, the distance between their present state (misery, always) and an envisioned state of future bliss (only attainable via purchase of goods, on sale, of course).

In the modern fake-believe media-era, we are taught “nothing is ever enough”. We are too fat, too mal-educated, too primitive, too capitalist, too boring, too tired, too addicted, too stressed, too overworked, and too just-about-anything-else you care to name. Nothing is ever right. Nothing is enough.

We are taught that the acquisition of money, the pursuit of power, the accrual of “success”, the procurement of fame, or the rigorous pruning of an underweight physique, are all critical to one’s happiness and sense of peace and joy. The Game is no longer about triumph and victory; it is now played out as a loafer’s drama, the chase for constant distraction in an ever more boring and grey universe.

Now the internet and iphones mean we are never bored or out of touch; nor are we at a loss for some kind of chemical hit or high to null our mind and spirit. Now “time is money”; life is reduced to capital value. We strive to be thin for acceptance; and to outperform loved ones we never see, for self-validation and financial superciliousness; the ultimate ego high. We are not satisfied to simply have our cake and eat it; now we want to be fed and bathed in low calorie cake that tastes like heaven, while gaining no weight whatsoever. Or we sell it by the truckload to get rich, rich, rich.

Towards such madness the pressure of modernity drives us.

Take a moment to consider the utopic Truth (Truetopia) of the matter.

We are all, every single one of us, continuously decomposing specimens of conscious organic matter , collectively forming a species, which lives on a mankind-devouring predator-filled, 6 billion year old rock, that hangs vulnerably between deep space freeze and sunstar-incineration. We live in an incomprehensibly vast body called space, in which there is constant threat from gargantuan bodies of ice rock travelling at speeds that flabbergast, and may, at any second, obliterate perhaps the only so-called intelligent life in existence, that seems hell-bent upon its own extinction. 

Consider the unbelievable fortune you possess. It’s possible to not exist at all, or be a space-mollusc on some interstellar asteroid, doomed to wander forever across the chilly plains of space. 

So relax for once. Smell the roses. Do a little self-gardening. Lie out in the sun. Realise who and what you are. Revel gratefully, in your own majesty, with a sense of bliss. You are alive. You are human. You may swim for a lifetime in our galactic sea we call space-time, upon the Eden garden called Planet Earth. You may do so as equally as any other living being. Enjoy every moment of it.

For you are an intergalactic miracle, and a creator of Life. There is nothing you cannot do. 


Stephen “Talent” Brocklehurst is a Liberal, Selfist, Humanist, Democratic, Meritocratic, and Lifeaholic writer, actor, rapper, broker, philosopher, son, friend, and social escort based out of London, England.

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