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The Time Has Arrived

Lynn Thompson

Author: Lynn Thompson


The Time Has Arrived ~ by Lynn Thompson

When I step outside the web of networking,

all there is, is space. When I am in my body

and yet beyond the limit of skin, all there is, is air.

I am more than anything I have ever thought,

beyond anything my imagination has created.

Now I am ready to believe this, the two images align

and there is no gap between them.

I am who I have always been,

and as surprised as anyone to recognize this is true.

After all this time, I get to go home,

where I have been a visitor for so long.

After all this time, it is as natural

as when I got on the train

with a duffel bag and a vague idea of a plan.

Now I am graduating from thirty-four years of growth

and finding treasure within myself, and beyond myself,

in a wealth of friendships and banquet of learning.

I am grateful, I am willing, I am able, I am ready.

Thanks be.


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