“What is Your Permanent Address?”

“What is Your Permanent Address?”

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Toronto apartment for six months

Agincourt farm house for four years

Ottawa house for a year

Ottawa house for eleven years

Trent University student residence for one year

McMaster University, three suites over two years

Summer in student residence at University of Toronto while working

Sauna guest house outside Thunder Bay

Forestry tree plant camp bunker

Travels to west coast and northwest states, home on the road for six months

Goat shed converted into squatter’s cabin for three months

Apartment-sit in Vancouver for one month

Cabin on the beach on Vancouver Island for six months

Tent by the stream with cats before during and after music festival for two weeks

Squatter’s cabin in the woods by the meeting of two rivers for a year, summer to summer

(chopping wood, hauling water, kerosene lamps, in company of cats)

Two months at family home in Oakville

Basement room of friends’ home in Courtenay

Two months living out of van for vacation bible school program in Alberta

Shared house in Courtenay with two friends for six months

Tenting at tree planting camp, cook’s helper

Tenting at the music festival again and helping in the staff kitchen

Care-taking a lakeside cottage in the BC interior

Bella Coola Valley for five years, ten homes

(including tree planting tent in grizzly bear area)

Courtenay friends’ homes, a few over three months

Cabin on the beach again for two years

Sharing a home for six months

Sharing another home for six months

Care-taking a cabin with no electricity or phone

Staying in friend’s guest house

Everything in storage and driving across to Ontario and back for two months

Denman Island house-sitting nine homes in nine months

Denman Island three homes over seven years, one for almost four years

Qualicum area home for almost five years

Lantzville living in lower half of home for nine months

Camping for two weeks

Then a main floor suite for fifteen months

Cassidy gate house on one hundred acres for two and a half years

(in company of landlords’ horses and cows)

Nanaimo sharing house for three months

Lantzville care-taking home for three months

Nanaimo duplex near the university for a full year

Retreat Centre for three months of board/work exchange

Two months living on the road, driving to Ottawa and back to Vancouver Island

(visiting friends and family, also mobile memorial for aunt)

Lantzville suite above friends’ garage for three months

Care-taking friends’ home for a month

Care-taking ocean front home for four months, so far…

Belongings in storage for almost a year

Post office box as official mailing address

Curious about concept of a long term home base

You asked for my permanent address; could you explain the question?

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