Joys of Dance

Every parent knows the calming effects on their baby of rocking and gentle motion. After all, who among us has not paced the floor at 2 am trying to entice a little one back to sleep by rocking, bouncing or swaying? While you may not be able to do much about those late night pacing […]

Dance with Me

Come on, admit it – when Richard Gere started to dance with Jennifer Lopez in their recent movie, "Shall We Dance?”, didn’t you just want to be them? Didn’t the music and the sensuality and the fun and the intensity, call out to you to join them? Didn’t you long to swirl around a room, […]

Spring’s Chorus

My heart soars with every bird I see passing overhead and dances to every bird’s song. Each spring is a chance to celebrate the return of migratory birds. However, it is a bittersweet celebration as, each year, fewer and fewer birds make trip. Birds, whether migratory or not, face many threats worldwide. One in eight […]