Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary Simplicity (Part 2) – A Transition from Consumption A life of simplicity means different things to each of us. For me, it means second-hand clothes and only cleaning house when it’s therapeutic. For a friend of mine, it’s choosing unhurried, inexpensive pleasures like reading a good book or listening to the birds sing, rather […]

Montessori Education

Born in Italy in 1870, Maria Montessori grew up to become Italy’s first woman doctor. At age 28, she accepted a position as the director of a school for "unhappy little ones” and over the course of the next two years the young doctor spent long, tireless hours observing and working with these children. She […]

Your Yoga Pose

Reawakening : Moving Inward Alder leaf-buds are swollen and reddening, the resilient dandelion is flowering and the Great Mother is stirring in her bed. Returning light is enlivening. The melatonin and serotonin levels produced by the brain in response to light undergo change in Spring. Consequently, our yoga practice is also changed. Sometimes the sense […]