Book Review: Home and Away

Anny Scoones makes her home at Glamorgan Farm, one of Vancouver Island’s original farmsteads. There she holds literary fundraisers, raises livestock including rare Gloucester Old Spot pigs, a woolly Russian Bashkir Curling horse, and Naked Neck hens, a rare breed that originated in Hungary. The farm, as Scoones writes in her introduction, "in its gentle […]


I am not a "traditional” definition of mother. In fact, I’m not good at anything that my mom was. And believe me, at times I beat myself up for it. But at the core, I know that I’m meant to be different. I am consciously raising a global citizen. I honestly don’t know what the […]

The Gaia Questions and You

In the 1960’s, a British atmospheric scientist by the name of James Lovelock was hired by NASA. The National Aeronautic and Space Administration was interested in having him study the prospect of life on Mars, comparing its habitability to Earth. In the process of his studies, Dr. Lovelock experienced an insight that may prove to […]

Staying Balanced

It’s not easy to maintain personal balance in times like these; perhaps it never has been. It’s hard sometimes to maintain a positive outlook on life, to care for our children, to continue to be vigilant about self-care and to be there for others, while at the same time keeping global issues like climate change […]