A Tribute to Parents

I have lived a charmed life. I was born to parents who had nothing materially, but who loved me deeply and were proud of me. I seemed to know that fact from my earliest memories around aged one. Yes, I do indeed remember things back to just after my first birthday. My parents started me […]

Saving What We Love

This is the time of year that my excitement starts to grow. It is when I begin to anticipate seeing members of my "familyā€¯ again. I’m speaking of the killer whale. Encounters with the Orca have become part of my West Coast life. I have been overcome with emotion many times in the presence of […]

Not to Worry

My work in health care tends to put me in touch with worried people, so I began to wonder about worry itself. If so many people worry, it must have some kind of value. Most of us would agree that when we’re young, we don’t worry as much as when we’re older. Yet logic would […]

Poem to My Son

A unique specimen of precious flesh, rare dazzling order of perfection,put in my hands from out of my own being.The days of inner richness and importance filled my essence and conscious being, sharing the minutes, the hours with such a gift of sustaining delight, flood of pride. Mother and son, enjoying life’s inexplicable joys and […]