Creating peace should be a natural instinct for us. If we are to survive as a species, peace has to be our goal. It is no longer just a matter of choosing peace, it is imperative to create peace. We need to take action now. It is our responsibility to humanity, mother earth and our […]

Points to Ponder

This is truly a fantastic time to be alive as we move toward a new understanding of our world and our place in it. The most exciting part of all this change, provided to us by physicists, explains our world while validating ancient wisdom. No longer does the mechanistic world view that discarded any notion […]

Gifts of Insight

There are many different kinds of gifts. The ones that come to mind most readily, of course, are always wrapped nicely and arrive on special occasions. There is another kind of gift however, that being the gift of insight. Insight is quite unique in that it most often arrives unexpectedly for both the giver and […]

Peace & The Activist

Have you ever wondered whether the great crusaders for peace had been at peace themselves? Can the crusader against drunk driving ever be at peace with the fact that their son or daughter was killed by a drunk driver? Can the victim of violent sexual assault ever be at peace with what happened to him […]