Burning Water

With wonder and skepticism, I watch a YouTube video as a man searching for a cure for cancer starts a fire burning saltwater in a tube. Another video shows a man using a flaming torch to slice through metal: again, burning water. Still other videos show using this technology to run cars and motorcycles. Burning […]

With Spring

With spring comes a time for renewal and new growth. As we stretch our arms and take a deep breath, our bodies start to feel the energy that comes with longer days and having more sunlight. My own inner clock keeps time with the sun coming up, and I can hear the garden begin to […]

Games I Play

One of my favourite pastimes is to sit in a coffee shop and watch people. I know that I’m likely not alone in this endeavour, and lately I’ve found this hobby (or game) very instructive. As an experienced student of ‘the human zoo,’ I love to create slices of life, vignettes, if you will, that […]

Red Tape Pollution

Let’s face it – Canada is not sustainable. The way we’re treating our country is something we just cannot keep doing if we want our children to live decent lives. We’re stripping forests, messing with water supplies, overfishing seas, and generally polluting like there’s no tomorrow. But perhaps worst of all, we have laws that […]