Diaper Free

When I first discovered I was pregnant there was one issue that I couldn’t overlook as an individual who is passionate about eco friendly living – diapers. I found it very difficult to accept that there were only two options. Fill the landfill with disposable diapers or increase my daily water consumption with cloth diapers. […]

Spiritual Springtime

The earth is once again repeating the timeless tradition of rolling up her winter carpet, and unfurling her banner of spring. The air is filled with the anticipation of new beginnings. Tulips and daffodils push up through the rain soaked ground to greet the morning light. Buds, everywhere, burst into colourful splendor. Flocks of Canada […]

The Light Is Coming

Sunshine and heightened consciousness seem to go together. Spring is here and it seems people are apt to offer a smile to everyone they see. It’s as if springtime encourages all of us to be more conscious of our inter-connectedness, one to another. It’s at this time of year our thoughts turn to Mother Nature […]

Yoga Perspective – Our Garden

A green dress mottled with flowers caught my eye at the Thrift store. In its print, I sensed an ancient, pervasive, almost unconscious relationship between women and plants. I wanted the dress but more accurately, I wanted the garden – the unexplored depths of the partnership. There’s a symbiosis between us. It’s in our names, […]