Book Review: Artisan Farming

As you are aware if you are a visitor to local farmers markets this season, the displays of vegetables in all their colourful glory are dazzling, tantalizing the eye as much as the taste buds. Choosing and eating locally grown food is a sensory delight. A carrot plucked from the earth that morning tastes so […]

Legacy of Light

A brochure headline caught my eye the other day. It read, "The legacy you leave is the life you lead.” It made total sense to me in the context of creating my second childhood. I began 2008 with the awareness that I needed more adventure in my life. So, I took my first unaccompanied "real” […]

Poem: Life

Life is bright and great, so much to look forward to So many people to look up to, There’s a journey every day, On that journey there will be so much to discover in life So enjoy while you can, Look forward to every day and minute There is to be found in life.