Welcoming Change

Do you welcome change, or would you prefer things stay just as they are? Imagine a major barrier blocks you in your life. Let’s call it a wall. You know you don’t want to be where you are, but you feel stuck. You have tried to break through, but the wall is still in front […]

What’s In It For Me?

The phone rings again for about the tenth time in as many minutes.” Hello Crisis Line”, – dead silence. "Hello, Crisis Line”. I hear a very faint sobbing sound. "You’ve reached the Crisis Line and I’m here for you. Take your time”, I say in a soft and slow voice. This call, like many others […]

A Fresh Look at Your Living Space

Do the rooms in your house support the way you live? Do they speak about who you are as people? I’m not talking about perfection or impressing your friends with an expensive decor. I’m referring to how you choose to arrange your furniture and possessions in creative ways that give your rooms interest, inspiration and […]

Life Transition

It was with a "thud” that I received word I had lost an important government contract. Well over half of my income would now be gone. I felt emotionally drained. I really did not want to try to figure out how to replace that income with more of the same kind of work as a […]