The Power of Meditation

Do you have a meditation practice? One that you use every day? What often deters people is the belief that the mind is like a monkey, jumping from branch to branch, never settling down. I prefer the analogy that the mind is like the ocean. The majority of the world identifies with and experiences only […]

Yoga as a Healing Ritual

On the hottest days of early fall, schedules fallen away, various chores and errands done for the moment, we stay longer on our mats in the very dry heat. What keeps us involved in our yoga practice despite the possibility of a hiatus?   Briefly, yoga is a process of building awareness through a regular practice of asanas (yoga […]

The Future Is Now

At the tender age of 50, I have decided to return to the academic world and become a student once more. My future IS a reality. I no longer say, “Will be”, I say, “Is”. This newfound space that I am in is a result of putting my life on hold, waiting until the perfect […]

Air Show Vision

A friend and I recently attended the Abbotsford Air Show. This year’s show was a celebration of one hundred years of aviation in Canada. We were both awestruck to witness the powerful high-tech jets scream above the cheering crowds. As I was looking up and holding my fingers to my ears, I experienced a vision. […]