Pacific Gardens Cohousing Opens!

Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community has been given an official occupancy permit from the City of Nanaimo. “This is a momentous day for us,” says Kari Fetherston, project administrator for the 25-unit multifamily development at 347 Seventh Street, Nanaimo. “Getting our occupancy permit is a much-awaited milestone and we are thrilled to finally reach it. Now the 11 owners who have bought into Pacific Gardens can […]

Book Review: The Ringing Cedar Series (Anastasia)

“The Ringing Cedars Series” by Vladimir Megré, published by Ringing Cedars Press 2008. Written in an almost fairy-tale style, the first book in the “Ringing Cedars Series” called, Anastasia, brings to light our technocratic, human attachment to the very things that prevent consciousness.   I found the author – an impatient, arrogant, angry, violent man […]

Your Future: What Is Your Perspective?

Another summer is past. With that, an opportunity to reflect now, in the present, about the future rather than wait until January to make resolutions around how we want to live our lives. Not to mention, summer is hardly on our minds while wrestling with the aftermath of Christmas and digging our cars out of […]

Deconstructing Dinner: What is ‘Convenience’?

Should our interest to lead more responsible lifestyles begin with how we define ‘convenience’? Fundamental changes to how we live are ongoing topics of discussion these days both within and outside of the home. Are we at risk, however, of exploring these changes while remaining within the same ‘box’ that contributed to this need to […]

Taking an Honest Look

Forty years ago we received the first ever images of our planet taken from outer space. From that moment, our consciousness was changed, for it was then that we more fully realised that we are travelling on a living spaceship in an enormous solar system. Our destiny is a common one, and is dependent on a […]