What ‘Play’ Can Teach Our Children

Stores selling toys in Nanaimo were checked out last November by members of the Nanaimo chapter of The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF).   “We wanted to find out who was selling war toys for children and who chose not to and what  alternatives there were”, said local member Dyane Brown. “We also […]

Timing and Trust: Lessons from Animals

Animals, by their nature, seem to have an admirable grasp of the concept of “divine” timing. In essence, “divine” timing belies an understanding that everything in our lives is happening exactly as it needs to be. Perhaps their lack of agenda or expectations has a good deal to do with this balanced way of viewing […]

Releasing Known Pathways

Everything you know, of how things can come together and in what ways they can come together, is based on past experience as well as evidence of how other beings, other unique points of consciousness, have materialized a sequence of moments. You have known and manifested pathways that have become your own automatic and expected […]