Environmental Encouragement

Summary Intro: Grants for homeowners help reduce energy efficiency upgrades and while it is true that the Provincial LiveSmart Homeowner grants have ended, the federal ecoENERGY grants of up to $5000 for windows, doors, heating, ventilation and insulation continue.    I was very disappointed when I heard that our province had dropped their LiveSmart grant […]

Logger Mike

Leafing through “Edge of Discovery; A History of the Campbell River District”, and pausing at photos taken in the early 1900’s, not much remains the same. Much of the old-growth forest was harvested and a community was built on the back of this perpetual industry. It has been my experience that you can construct buildings […]

Character Defect… or Hidden Gift?

As human beings, we have a tendency, perhaps a convenient necessity, to label, categorize and identify pretty much everything. We even do this with our “Character”. We label parts of it as good or bad, strengths or weaknesses, and assets or defects. This is valuable in helping us identify parts of our character make-up that […]

Dancing Through Life – Winter

I know that I’m not the only one who finds winter weather less than ideal. Not the actual weather, really, but the diminished hours of light caused by our location on this planet. The more extreme cases of this condition are common enough to generate a name: seasonal affective disorder or, SAD for short. And, […]

World Champion Amongst Us

Reaching the highest level in one’s field of expertise is an uplifting experience, but it can also reveal aspects of our character that many prefer to keep hidden. Dark facets of our persona are compartmentalized within our minds, with little exposure to the light. In truth, most would prefer to bury their ominous alter ego […]