Codependency and the State of Our World

As a teacher and writer on the subject of codependence, I often question its relationship to global issues. What, if anything, does codependence have to do with poverty, violence, corruption, hunger …? How important is the study of codependence in alleviating these conditions? My answer, briefly stated, is very.    Everyone in this world exhibits […]

Book Review: Red Zone

“The Language of Unerasure”: Red Zone by Kim Goldberg An empty mattress. A field of flowers all around. The image is startling, surreal, unexpected, and a little beautiful.   But on closer look, the field is shown to be just a vacant lot. The graffiti-scrawled back wall of some anonymous urban structure comes into focus […]

Understanding Fear in Childbirth

A new baby is often welcomed by a family anticipating a “tiny bundle of joy!” So why is it, when a mother contemplates the birth of that same baby, the first feeling that comes up is fear? What are the origins of this fear? How did this fear acquire such a strong hold on our […]