Dancing Through Life: Spring

For some people, spring arrives with the first crocus bloom, or perhaps a snowdrop. For me, it has to be a pussy willow. Something about the furry, plump “blossom” gives me not only the hope of spring, but the certainty of it. Sometime around mid February, or even earlier in a warmer winter, I start […]

“Celebrating Women 2010” – Confessions of an Amateur Art Show Curator

In 2008, the Vancouver Island North Women’s Resource Society celebrated its 25th anniversary and International Women’s Day by hosting a public art show: “Celebrating Women”. Our hope was the event would celebrate the creativity and talent in our community while spotlighting our agency and honoring the contributions of women. The event proved so successful that […]

A Celebration of Fire

As a tool for turning our fears into power we use the element Fire and participate in a “Firewalk”.  Many cultures use this activity of walking on hot coals or cinders as a wonderful self-empowering motivational tool. Our fearless leader, Ron Kerr, has approximately 150 firewalks behind him and is a certified Sundoor Firewalker.  All […]