When Ancient Spirits Dream

I arrived at Village Island with the Campbell River Adventure Club. We all wanted to experience the great outdoors and explore the mystery of this historic site. The place was stunningly beautiful and the air sang with the whispers of ancient spirits. My previous life had conveniently dissolved just prior to this trip freeing me […]

Life On Purpose

To evolve and awaken consciousness is the purpose of humanity– according to A. Ramana, Eckhart Tolle, Ernest Holmes, The Dalai Lama. These enlightened, ordinary people, and spiritual teachers before them show us the way. So, how do we awaken and what is purpose?  Understanding and experience tell me that awakening happens every time I’m fully […]

Why I Hunt

I have hunted since I was 14 years old and have always had a fascination with the outdoors. I grew up in a generation where a large portion of the population where I lived hunted, and the majority of them hunted to supplement their diet. I didn’t know anyone of that period who was a […]

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

I find it funny how easy it is to recognize problems when they are other people’s but how hard it is to see them when they are your own. How does that start and where do we learn it? Why do we have such a hard time recognizing our own shortcomings, or knowing where they […]