Social Justice: Poverty in Nanaimo

“If the poor weren’t so conveniently invisible, maybe we’d come to our moral senses and devise a national strategy for eliminating poverty.” Toronto Star, 2007. Imagine yourself in a state of constant dread. That’s poverty. Poverty means hunger, inadequate nutrition, substandard and unsafe housing, or no housing at all. Poverty means always trying to find […]

Unbelievable, but Undeniable: Genocide in Canada

I am moved to write this blog because of Minister [of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development] Duncan’s outrageous remarks that residential schools were NOT cultural genocide. This has led to discussions about whether or not the murder, torture and abuse of Indigenous peoples in this country “qualifies” as genocide, given the more recent, and much […]

Climate Change and Our Gardens

As passionate gardeners, we keep wondering how the changing climate is affecting our gardens. We therefore noticed when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated its plant hardiness zone map on January 25, 2012. Throughout much of the U.S., the map is a half-zone (5 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than its 1990 predecessor. Gardeners rely on plant […]