The Macho Paradox

Jackson Katz, on discussing his book, The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (excerpted from an interview by Kendra Olson Hodgson, Media Education Foundation). Fundamentally, the problems of sexual and domestic violence are problems of boys’ and men’s attitudes and behaviors, and (white) male-dominated power structures that produce, […]

Ending Violence: Creating Peace

For me, discussing ‘creating peace’ without naming ‘ending violence’ would be to jump to solution while neglecting to acknowledge there is a problem. It would at least be misleading, if not dishonest. I admit this at the risk of being judged—imagining my peers tsk-tsk’ing that I’m ‘focussing on the negative’ rather than ‘attracting that which […]

Humanity Man

Well, hello there, my fellow zombies. I trust and hope you had the merriest of New Year’s. I sure did. In fact, one of the days I had just before the holidays could be described as nothing less than spectcular! The day was a dreary Tuesday, a few weeks before Christmas. Admittedly, it didn’t have the beginning […]

They Are Doing the Best They Can

Twelve days before Christmas I sat with a friend looking out into the bustling throng in a big department store. Some were cheerful; others were sombre as they went about their shopping. My friend remarked on the self-centeredness of the ‘me-me’ generation. Without thought I responded with “They’re doing the best they can.” As my […]