To Accept Freedom

To Accept Freedom Nowhere to hide, everywhere to grow, and in this moment: ability to accept freedom. Freedom as surrender: To love, to loss, to forgiveness, to joy Freedom as willingness: To weep, to laugh, to celebrate, to embrace one’s self and others Freedom as openness: To spontaneity, to collaboration, to curiosity, to playfulness and […]

50 Shades of Green: The Power of Money

This feels like coming home! Until a few years ago, I lived in the ‘Warmland’—farming, vending at the Duncan Farmers’ Market, and writing a weekly column for The Citizen called “Food for Thought”. Not a very innovative title but it did describe very well what I intended it to be all about—my thoughts and observations […]

Are There Improvements Being Made Regarding Child Labour?

Have issues regarding child labour in Third World (developing) countries improved??First, let us define the words ‘child’ and?‘labour’ as well as the term ‘child labour’. The definition of child is ‘a young human being below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of majority;’ the definition of labour is ‘work, especially […]

Avoiding Food Waste

A leading news magazine devoted a recent editorial to food being wasted in Canada. The waste does not only occur, for instance, when milk produced beyond the quota is being dumped, or through spoilage in storage, but to a large extent in our homes. The figures quoted are staggering, allegedly in the billions of dollars […]