Stress! It’s All In Your Head…

It’s official. Stress (and the icky effects of it) is now a global health concern. The World Health Organization claims that stress is now considered the health epidemic of the 21st century. According to the Global Organization for Stress, 80% of workers report mid to high levels of stress on the job with half of […]

Savasana; The Corpse Pose

A friend and fellow yoga practitioner was enjoying a run along the beach in Southern California. She noticed a billboard inviting viewers to come to a yoga class. The sign said No Savasana! No Chanting! Anyone who came to class could be assured that they would not have to pause after the asana class to […]

Emotions as Messages

Times are changing. More and more people’s awareness is being raised about our environment. We are learning to shift from being a disposable society to one that recycles and re-uses. We no longer throw everything out without any thought to where it goes. Many of us decide on purchases based on the product’s impact on […]