Daring to Know

Your personal reality has never been about anything, or anyone, but you. It has nothing to do with anything that appears on your screen of experience. It has everything to do with your own ability to bring into focus that which you want to experience. Deliberate creation is about developing a one-pointed focus on that which you want to manifest as your personal reality. It is a steadfast devotion only to your vision, your dream, your desire; to hold all else to be false; to hold all else to be unreal and irrelevant; to empower and only supply power to that which you want to experience; and to dare yourself to assume that you already have it all.


“Certainty of thought, causes massive shifts in the way energy is re-arranged.” – David Cameron


  The energy of knowing is powerful. Develop a decisive focus that says: no matter what appears or what seems to appear, I know the reality and unconditional fulfillment of my desire. Solidify your hopefulness into knowing. Solidify your belief into an unconditional knowing. Know that because you desire it to be so, it is already so. It is your certainty of thought that acts as a gateway to manifestation. It is the certainty within yourself that acts as the open doorway for your fulfillment to enter. Step into that knowing and remain. Ignore all else. Forget all else. Let what you know be all that you see. Let what you know be all that you live. Let what you know, itself, be alive to you. And everything in existence will re-arrange itself in accord to that powerful knowing you create, generate and anchor within your own being. Existence responds to your own knowing and it never contradicts the knowing you create within your being.

  It is inconsequential where you are and what it is that you want to experience differently. Everything in this environment that you translate as your physical Universe is connected, inter-connected. Like a pebble hitting the surface of a pond creates ripples that turn themselves into movement across the entire body of water, whatever knowing you generate and anchor within yourself powerfully ripples out to touch, to effect, to alter all of existence. You are constantly altering the field of creation with what you know. So your knowing and the feeling of certainty you generate within yourself is one of your most powerful creative tools in this reality.

  If you take notice of the underlying insecurity in any one of your creative Now-moments, the insecurity isn’t about the conditions and circumstances appearing on your screen of experience, or about the Universe’s ability to give to you what you’ve asked for. The insecurity or undercurrent of resistance is really pointing to one thing: your ability to trust your own creative focus. Do you trust in your ability to create and allow the experiences you prefer? Do you trust in your ability to bring into focus the reality you desire to experience? Do you trust your power to create, to make visible, what you want or even something better? With what degree of certainty do you trust in yourself and your ability?


“Mastering yourself is true power.”

– Lao Tzu


  Every moment is entirely about you. Your trust in your creative power. Your trust in your ability to focus, choose and allow what you want to experience. Your knowing the reality of your fulfillment and your trust in your ability to create and allow go hand-in-hand. Develop your ability to know that your fulfillment is an inevitability, and develop your ability to trust in your creative power.

  Ask yourself:

  Do I trust in my ability to create the experiences I want or even better?

  Do I trust in my ability to bring into focus that which I want to experience or even better?

  Do I know that my fulfillment is guaranteed?

  Do I know there is nothing in this experience to contradict me?

  Think about the kind of unshakable certainty that brought this creative system, this Universe, into being. What kind of knowing does an Infinite Intelligence that creates Universes hold? What kind of knowing births such an intricate and precise web of life and its life forms?

  Turn yourself into a center of powerful knowing. Cultivate your ability to know with sharp decisiveness. Make yourself a power of certainty. Hold yourself to be the ultimate power of your personal reality. Thought by thought, you can create an unmovable knowing within yourself and deepen your trust in your ability to bring into focus the kind of life you want to live. There is an immense power to know within you. And it is this power of knowing that is echoed and reflected in your personal reality. 

  Move yourself from desiring to have something, to knowing that you have that something. It has always been about you. What you know is created. What you know comes into focus. What you know undoubtedly manifests. It is the certainty of your knowing that moves mountains. DARE to know!


Kidest is a conscious creation and alignment guide who actively inspires beings into their Self-connection . You can see what she’s up to at http://www.infinite-life.com


Editor’s note:

We believe that our collective reality is a culmination made up of all our individual realities.What then follows, is that each of our individual realities affect our collective reality, which in turn, creates an effect within our individual realities.