A Call for Creative Self-Expression

Our bodies are physical manifestations of our spiritual selves and this connection was made crystal clear to me one day a few years back when a sudden pain was felt in my lower abdomen.

It wasn’t so much experiencing the pain itself, it was the choices I was given following and the healing process that came as a result of those choices. Being who I was at the time, with the body wisdom I possessed at the time, I ran to my general practitioner. This was a helpful decision for me. I was not sure what was going on within my body, but I knew there was something calling for my attention. The debilitating pain in my lower left abdomen, in the area of my ovary, was screaming, “Hey! Pay attention to this part of your life! Something’s amiss, here!”

I ran to my GP as I wanted to be assured it wasn’t due to anything bigger than I could handle on my own.  The diagnosis was an ovarian cyst. In my research I discovered they often ‘go away’ on their own with rest. I could have stopped with that information, but I’m the curious type. There had to be more to this seemingly sudden onset of an ovarian cyst. Why would it even occur? 

I hauled out my trusty research books. No, not the allopathic, Western medicine nursing texts. Not at all. They would only tell me one tiny portion of the whole story. Instead, I hauled out Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Caroline Myss’ many books on wellness. 

Plenty of women struggle with painful periods, ovarian cysts and other second chakra issues and I do my best to share what I have learned, in ways they are able to hear. Second chakra?! What?

The second chakra, located in the physical body in the reproductive organ area, represents our creative self-expression. When there are physical issues in the body in this area, they likely represent blockages in our creative self-expression. Not rocket science, but I caution that it is not necessarily the answer to all second chakra issues. It is worth looking at, though. 

I developed an ovarian cyst. I rested as instructed. That, in itself, was a challenge for me as a busy mom. I also did something that my physician did not recommend. Not because it would be harmful, but it would never have occurred to him to suggest. As I rested, I crocheted. I was in too much pain to be out of bed, moving around and being creative in other ways. I could rest in bed and crochet. I chose to be more creative. I listened to my body and responded in kind. 

And you know, my body was not lying. My body was telling me, with pain as a teacher, that there was an aspect of my life I had neglected. Looking back at the days and months prior to the development of this ovarian cyst, my life was not one of creative expression. I was going to school, writing papers that were not all that creative, studying, being a mom, tired, tired, tired, pleasing everyone but my own soul. 

How grateful I am to be in seamless partnership with my body, to know it responds according to my soul-needs. We have all we require, when we take the time to really listen. 

Sue Dyson nurtures her soul through a number of creative outlets including writing, art collaging, singing and knitting. Not all at the same time.