A Change of Mind

"To change your health, begin by changing the way you think.”

Once, there was a man trying to create a change. He spent a lot of time, energy and money towards this change. He eventually had a breakthrough by doing something different. By changing his way of thinking, Dr. Jonas Salk helped save many thousands of lives throughout the world. Dr. Salk has been credited for the major medical discovery, the cure for polio. Salk’s vaccine prevented its widespread affliction on human lives during the mid 1950’s through today.

At the age of six months, polio interrupted my normal growth. It crippled my right leg. For 12 years, I had to wear various types of metal leg braces and needed four corrective surgeries. Every month of the year until I reached the age of 16, there were many scheduled physical therapy sessions.

Today, you wouldn’t know I had polio unless I walk. You can’t see it when I exercise or when I teach exercise.

I want to connect two points. I want to connect health and physical conditioning to changing the mind.

If you are going to change your health, you need to change your thoughts and beliefs. Your mind has a present way of thinking. Your mind remembers your past actions with your body. Changing how you look begins with how you think.

When a person takes on change by exercising, this is called "a new behavioral practice.” This practice includes more than body movement. It includes time, energy and money. You must commit to self-discipline, learning from self-awareness and better health through self-healing.

Exercise builds mind awareness. When performing exercises, your thinking, breathing, movement and feelings are all very different from your everyday way of being.

Working out begins with the inside of the mind. Many people disregard, neglect or ignore their inner functions when exercising. Indirectly, all movements affect our many internal systems.

Internal health outweighs, outshines and out-lives our external presence. Exercise cannot be a manifestation of aesthetic achievements. It is not meant to help display the superficial, but a cultivation of the inner-self that governs our lives.

From the cultivation of the inner self, there is a maturing of self-esteem and a new self-knowledge. You experience self-respect. You recognize the truth of your health, and the existence of survival it shares within your body and life.

Learn the importance of exercise and not the popularity of it.

Practice to keep in mind there is more to exercising than just moving;

There is Essence. The depth and value of motion.

Exercise is a feeling process.

There is Commitment. The promise to go the distance.

Exercise is a pledge in motion.

There is Honesty. Accepting your current state or condition.

Exercise is responsibility.

There is Learning. The constant inner growth. Exercise teaches.

There is Possibility. The working with your limitations.

Exercise creates.

There is Relationship. The knowing of yourself.

No matter what method of exercise you select, start slowly with small steps. Your mindset will take time to change. There is a right way to stay on task – build patience and be kind to your inner self. Cultivate your health. Don’t force it. I liken it to caring for of a new plant or flower.

This way of changing is a reality that brings an insight of living in harmony. Exercise is not just a way to change your health and physical appearance, but a way to change your outlook and life.

When you say, "I want a healthy and fit body from fitness by changing my mind first.” You will then begin your breakthrough.

Michael J. Quiocho is a Health Educator & Physical Conditioning Teacher.