A Conscious Imprint

A couple of weeks ago, a friend who was very important in my life passed over. This man helped me raise my consciousness and become spiritually aware.

We had a ceremony to celebrate who he was. We talked and each told our story, and as I passed the talking stick around I was astounded at how each person knew him in a different way. This man left a large imprint; he changed lives. It made me think of what we leave behind. As I listened to the stories there were tears in my eyes, not for him, as he was present and now in a better place, but for the loss of not having him here with us. We grieved for our loss, and in that we honoured the man he was.

I decided it was time to look at what imprint I would leave when it was my turn. It’s not about what I leave behind with my accomplishments, whatever they are, but what impact I have on my fellow man, and consciousness in general.

As I looked over my life, I could see that any conscious change I’ve brought about has actually just happened in the last five or six years. Before that I lived my life quite unconsciously and unaware of choices I could make that would improve people’s lives, including my own. My whole life I wanted to help people and I thought in the early part of my life that I could ‘fix’ things. I’ve mentioned before that the hardest lesson I learned was that I could help people I loved and cared about, but I couldn’t fix anything or anyone. What I could do was help people who wanted to change. They either had the desire for change or had hit the bottom and were surrendering to change.

I believe as we do our own work in our own evolution, it enables us to help others more easily, consciously and just in general by consciousness being raised, one by one on the planet. Since I have been a hypnotist this has been much easier for me. When you work in your passion, those you work with expect change and usually get it.

Getting back to my friend and the lesson he taught me and continues to teach me. Some of us know why we are here and how we are to help. We may be far from perfect and still do great things. I’m sure the great teachers in the world weren’t all that perfect, (Ghandi would be the first to admit that) and look at the imprint they left behind.

The best way to leave an imprint is to live your passion and live consciously. Wherever your passion is, that’s where your mission will be. Look to your passion and leave a great imprint behind.

Ines Simpson is a Board Certified Hypnotist and a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She works out of the Waves Of Potential Clinic in Qualicum.