A Message for the Children

Our families need us to love ourselves so that we may be free to love others. The time has come for everybody to join hands and hearts and send love to all the corners of the globe. This love is needed to help heal the fear in people’s hearts. This fear prevents people from living in their truth and integrity.

When we believe in the good in ourselves – that we belong – and the good in others, we give love in a way that is reciprocated. This love grows and can be felt even when you don’t know it or understand it. It is still happening. We are like magnets. The more we are feeling love, thinking love and giving love, the more love is received. This energy exchange can be felt on multiple planes of existence and encourages more help and love to those on the earth.

We can all do our part by forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we feel we’ve made. It was all part of our journey – part of our learning journey. Just think of all the things you’ve learned because of all the experiences you have had. You wouldn’t have felt and learned them otherwise. Knowing that our paths are so important, because they teach us what we need to learn, we are better able to stop judging others, allowing them to make their own perceived mistakes and just be. Because they too are on their path and need to learn their own lessons.

As we love ourselves and love others, love will surround us.

A Message for the Children; (Mother Mary channeled by Wendy Mewhort, April 8th, 2007):

"You are feeling so controlled. You are feeling so constricted. You feel scared. You crave love. We all crave love. Let’s rise above the fear of others and rejoice that a new day is coming to mother earth. Let’s all work together and spread the love. We need to give love. We need to receive love. We need to be love. We need to celebrate co-operation. The time has come to stop competing; to stop caring who’s better at this and who’s better at that. There is no one winner; because, my children, we are all winners. Because we are all here for a very important reason. Trust your intuition. Believe in that positive loving voice in your head. It is guiding you to keep loving – even when you feel tired, scared, and wanting to give up. It will all be worth it in the end. You picked your family for a reason. You will be filled with pride in the next few years as you keep loving. Your parents will keep growing. The love will increase and increase. You are loved. You belong. Go forward from this day knowing you belong. You are here for a reason and this truth will set you free.”

Wendy Mewhort lives in Nanaimo with her husband and three young children. She practices reiki and clears her chakras daily.