A Message for the Parents

Back in the May issue, I channeled a message for the children from Mother Mary. The other day, I received this message. It appears that the two of them are meant to go together. Parenting is sure not what it used to be! We need to band together, and help each other out. We are setting precedence; no time in our history has parenting been so challenging, so awe-inspiring, so magical, so rewarding. As we encourage each other, we all benefit. The children will thank us. Blessings, Wendy.

Mother Mary channeled by Wendy Mewhort, July 21st ‘07


"Fear not, the pain that surrounds you all now. It is in its purpose, surrounding people with fear so that they may wake up, if they choose. Wake up to a new reality- wake up to new belief systems- wake up to a new tomorrow. A tomorrow that is in your control- a tomorrow where there is multiple levels of assistance, if you choose to open yourselves up to it.

Rejoice. You belong- as much as the children belong, so do you adults. And your mission is just as worthy- for it is up to you to supply the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs to the children, so that they may grow up to speak their truth. Which is love- pure love, compassion, understanding, and joy.

Do not punish joy, dear ones. How often do you tell children to "stop it”- to stop having fun- to stop fooling around- to stop laughing- to stop- to stop- to stop? Oh, my dear ones, take a breath, and laugh along with them. They know that the answer to success is through humor, passion, and joy. Follow their lead and rejoice with them.

Get out there and play with them. Let them get dirty- really, really dirty- messy- silly- no rules- no punishment- dirty. Let them explore. Let them create. Let them be. The human body was designed to always come clean- inside and out.

Just like the skin can be cleansed, so can the spirit. As you listen to yourself, when you are disciplining your children, hear- really hear what you are saying. Those words like, "What will people say?” or "Do you think that was nice?” Those words are for you parents. The children are raising your consciousness, by actively bringing your belief systems to the surface, so that you may choose to change them. The more aware you become, that your belief systems prevent you from achieving your own spiritual growth, the more you will be willing to release them, and get strong.

Now is the time to understand that your children are here for you. You asked for it; the contract has already been signed. They are here to wake you up, and now the choice lives in you.

They are loving when they are angry. There is, oh- so- much, talk about how angry my children are. It is because they are living out your pain; my children are reflecting the pain in your hearts. When you choose love- true love, unity awareness, compassion, truth, honor, joy, and the power of true beauty- they too will. For now, they are warriors, to raise up in you the heat. The heat must always surface in order to be cleared.

Clear it, my children, so that the children may lead. My love surrounds you. I am Mother Mary. Rejoice.”

Wendy Mewhort lives in Nanaimo with her husband and three young children. She feels blessed to be living during this New Age of change. She welcomes your comments at (250) 729-8198.