A Place in Life

A young friend of mine had a very difficult time finding her true calling in life. She tried many different lifestyles and occupations but all she could conclude was, those weren’t it.

For most of us this problem is not as hard to solve. Many people know quite young what they want to do with their life and many more are guided, with or without their consent, by parents’ decisions. Others have to answer the need to support themselves or a young family. In short, who really ends up with their dream job? 

Yes, we all have heard at one time or another – by smart motivational speakers making even smarter presentations – that all paths lead to the same conclusion, laying the sole responsibility for our fate at our own feet. But let’s be serious, what would the world do with all those astronauts? One can certainly choose this path if one is ready to pay the price. I, however, believe there is another approach. We can ask the question: what can I do for society? We all have unique qualities and skills for a reason.

Of course, we can only give our best if we are at our best, meaning the necessities have to be taken care of like food, shelter and a social network. No matter what we do we should be happy doing it but that is a two-way road. It can only work if society changes its standards and prejudices. Who are we to look down on a person who stocks shelves in a supermarket, doing a great job and maybe even being content? Only how can one be content in a job like that, especially when degrees and certificates line the living room wall? Maybe the shifts are compatible with childcare. Maybe the job location is close to home or the working environment is very friendly and supportive.

Many of us had to contend with an occupation other than our training or aspiration. It also helps if one is appreciated. If that is not the case, it is time to move on. There could be, however, another reason that we have to be at this place in time. It could be to give a friendly smile or exchange to a sad stranger. Something small like that can have a huge impact, not only for that person’s day but maybe even in that person’s life.

Does this mean we should spend our lives as marionettes of a higher power, giving up our dreams for circumstantial or convenience sake? Certainly not, but sometimes our dreams may have to be postponed for a little while.

Fate has a funny way of sending us off in the opposite direction of where we want to go in the first place, only for us to eventually circle and meander towards in the end. Until then, sending out random acts of kindness is a good investment into the future. The kindness will spread, multiply and find its way home to us.

What is important for our place in life is not necessarily what we do in an occupation or social standing but how we do it. Joy can be found in many places. We just have to open our eyes and recognize the moment.


Carmen Schott works as a clinical technician, testing for food and environmental sensitivities. Her personal interest lay with reincarnation and regression therapies. She also enjoys outdoor activities, gardening and exploring our beautiful island.