A Seeker of Silver Linings

CHLY Volunteer Programmer Profile

With a lifetime of experience dealing with chronic conditions and a compelling need to share information, Pam Edgar has worked hard to develop the technical and presentation skills required to host a weekly talk show about health. Involved with CHLY radio since 2004, Edgar began with Pam’s Tunes, an overnight playlist of local music. From there she briefly hosted Tell me a Story before launching Living for the Health of it in 2007. In her mind, even if only one snippet of information reaches and inspires one listener, then the show has been worth it.

Photo of Pam Edgar by Denisa Krausova

Edgar was one of the last babies born at the ‘old hospital’ in Nanaimo and proudly admits that she has spent her life here in the harbour city. She is enthusiastic about living in the Hub and believes the city should celebrate its role as a gateway to Vancouver Island. Like the spokes of a wheel, from here we can go off in any direction.

Edgar loves opening people’s minds and changing opinions. Since she has been making decisions that are outside the mainstream for a long time, she speaks from experience. She also hopes that her show will prevent others from falling through the cracks.

It was through a volunteer self management program with the Centre on Aging that Edgar realized that she needed to reach a broader audience than informational workshops would allow. A self-described health advocate, Edgar willingly shares the knowledge gained from personally navigating both the medical and legal systems. In addition, her journey has avoided the pit falls of addiction and that makes her an anomaly.

An enthusiastic proponent of the use of cannabis to manage various medical conditions, Edgar is not shy about speaking up and speaking out. Once a month she devotes a show to Cannabis Conversations, which she co-hosts with Glenda Allard Barr. Edgar credits CHLY with dramatically increasing her confidence and it is clear that this is one woman who is not going to be buried by bureaucracy.

A poet, singer and songwriter, Edgar also has a book in the wings that may soon take flight. She is adamant that understanding, releasing and expressing emotions plays a key role in our emotional and physical well being.

If you need help finding the silver lining in your situation, tune in to Living for the Health of It. Broadcast live every Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00pm on 101.7fm, you too, can find your voice and get valuable advice from someone who has been there. Whether you need to better manage a health condition or navigate the medical system, Edgar’s show will make for a smoother journey.

Alison Roberts has been a guest on Living for the Health of It, enjoying many conversations with Pam about the value of letting go.