About Synergy

Nicole Shaw - Synergy Magazine

Nicole Shaw launched Synergy Magazine in March of 2004 after receiving much encouragement and support from members of the community.

“I’ve been blown away by the support and the growing popularity of Synergy,” says Nicole. “The amount of anonymous phone calls I receive from people just to tell me how much they enjoy reading the magazine, is such great encouragement.”

People regularly ask about her background in the publishing industry…. well, Nicole’s background actually includes ten years in the computer industry, four years of freelance graphic design, ad layout with the Link Newspaper, four years of PR work and much interest in personal growth and energy healing work.

“I believe I can do anything I feel passionate about and set my mind to.” She states. “As long as it’s coming from the heart, and there’s a willingness to keep learning, success will follow.”

“My life purpose is creating deeper awareness.” Synopsis:

  • Coordinator for three annual tradeshows: Green Solutions
  • She and partner, Dirk Becker, recognized in Nanaimo’s Top 20 Most Powerful People of 2008 (surely they mean “influential”)
  • Co-host of “Heart and Mind: Tools for Change” radio talk show
  • She and Dirk, farm organic vegetables in Lantzville, BC
  • She is an artist www.nicoleshaw.ca
  • In 2007, Nicole was a guest speaker to journalism students at Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina Universtiy-College)
  • In 2006, Nicole was a guest presenter for Women’s Enterprise Society of BC, a workshop for women entrepreneurs entitled, “Focused Marketing: Targeted Effort, Tangible Results”
  • Past President of Nanaimo Women’s Resources Society which operates a Women’s Centre in Nanaimo
  • Past President of Nanaimo Women’s Business Network

In 2008, Nicole’s partner, Dirk Becker, came on board with the magazine. Dirk’s vision, his gregarious, outgoing personality and solid sense of language has been an incredible asset to the publication.

Dirk refers to himself as a socio econonomic, environmental, political activist and ardent feminist, who is fascinated by ayurvedic neuro- bio- psychological predisposition and with birth order. Dirk has only recently (in his mid-40’s) been making the connection between a diagnosis of A.D.H.D. and dyslexia with his life experiences. 

Dirk’s life purpose is centred around helping people on their path and creating positive change in the world.

  • Public speaker and workshop presenter www.dirkbecker.ca
  • Recognized as BC LiveSmart Community Hero, Jan 2009
  • Agricultural and local food advocate
  • Spearheaded the new Bowen Road Farmers’ Market in Nanaimo, BC
  • Organizer of the 2007 Farmers’ Showcase 
  • Farms organically using biointensive farming methods
  • Educator on benefits of rainwater collection
  • Co-host of Heart and Mind: Tools for Change radio talk show
  • Interviewed by newspapers 25 times in the past two years discussing global challenges, including the connection between fossil fuel, conflict in the world, agriculture and food
  • Director for the Farmland Defense League


In 2007, Jill Brocklehurst, who had been a regular contributor to Synergy, approached Nicole about starting a second edition in Campbell River.  The two agreed to work to make it happen and launched Synergy – “Campbell River’s Own” – in July of 2007. Ever since, it has been a growing success, thanks to Jill’s effervescent personality and positive outlook. “You don’t need to create life, you have to let it happen through you by following the deepest, inner most desires of your heart.” Jill says. 
 Jill wants readers to use this medium as a place to share ideas and reflections for making this world a better place for all of us. Through mindful living at home, work and play, we can create a place for all to live in harmony.
Synergy Magazine has been instrumental in uniting the Campbell River community and providing an opportunity for residents to voice their ideas. In this area there are many who support the magazine’s vision: inspiring humanity to make empowered, conscious decisions in all areas of life – body, mind and spirit – for the betterment of all. We look forward to hearing from you!
A little more about Jill:
  • Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living in Campbell River where she inspires individuals to live their deepest desires and create a life of passion and joy
  • Hosted “Visions” a television program at CRTV for two and a half years
  • She and her husband live on Quadra Island, where together they garden, maintain a forest wood lot, raise animals and between them have six boys and four grandchildren.
  • Among the many things Jill does, included are “Free Hugs” events, peace gatherings, family days and spiritual cinema evenings