Admiration and Self Love

I was thinking about what I needed to pass onto the readers this week, and I realized it was a continuation on the subject of learning to love oneself. I was talking to a friend yesterday who said that the most important jewel of information he had read in my column to date was that we could not love someone else until we love ourselves. So let’s explore that in a little more depth.

Some friends and I get together weekly to do some self-work on exactly this topic. The funny thing is that when we started, I really didn’t know that our meetings were going to be about loving ourselves. However, what needs to happen seems to find a way to transpire in spite of us.

One of the major things about self -love is admiration. I need to explain what this word means in the context I am using it. I was privileged recently to have a session with renouned author Dannion Brinkley. As he was reading the akashic records for me, he told me that admiration was not just admiring the wonderful things that people do or accomplish but also appreciating the journey of how we get to where we are, including the positives and the negatives.

It really hit home at our weekly meeting when I went through a list of words that had impacted my life, and I came across two little words– " being ordinary.” These two words started a whole review of my journey to date, and the admiration of the journey definitely progressed into not only the positive aspects of the past and present but also some aspects of my life that would not seem positive at all. I look back on my journey, and my admiration is brought out. I can love that new person who shed the cocoon that held those patterns of living and the old person is just as lovable, too. I now understand that to love anyone, including myself, is to accept them for who they are, even if they are just ordinary like me.

I had never wanted to be ordinary. After all, how could I be special and loved if I were what was considered ordinary? Even in grade school I would dress to be outside of the crowd. If fashion caught up with me, I would quickly change. That was just a symptom of the fear of being ordinary. Today, I realize that no one is really ordinary, and as powerful spiritual beings, we are all totally extraordinary.

Look inside yourself and check your journey. Spend some time in admiration. The times you considered failures are just as important as the times you considered victories. It never ceases to amaze me how we can allow others a lot of latitude in life, but rarely give ourselves that latitude. Begin a new path of allowing yourself to be as human as the next person. Pay attention to the things you wish to change and admire how you got to that place of change. True love is calling you, and you need only to look in the mirror.