Air Show Vision

A friend and I recently attended the Abbotsford Air Show. This year’s show was a celebration of one hundred years of aviation in Canada. We were both awestruck to witness the powerful high-tech jets scream above the cheering crowds. As I was looking up and holding my fingers to my ears, I experienced a vision. It was not pleasant, but it awoke something deep within me. My friend glanced over and noticed my uncomfortable state. He asked if I was okay. He thought the thundering sound was too much for me to handle. He suggested that we walk over to the displays to escape the ear piercing sounds. I could not move. I was stuck in a state of awareness that I had to feel and experience. It changed my vision for the future and I felt compelled to share it with you.

  As the US F16 Viper Fighter Jet ripped across the sky, I found myself transported to a place of war. I think it was Iraq, but the location was not as important as the setting. The cheering air show crowds were drowned out by the sound of shrieking mothers grasping for their children as the fierce looking jets deployed destructive bombs upon their city. I witnessed the explosion of buildings that blistered hands had built. I felt the terror of people running for their lives as the dark shadows lurked overhead. I sensed the confusion and helplessness as the shrapnel rained down on the innocent farmers in the market. I reached in my memory for a real life experience of war. There was nothing for me to draw upon. My transcendence to this war zone was as close as I would get to being a part of this terrible scene. My awareness was shocked back to the air show when my friend shouted in my ear. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost”. 

  The technological advances in aviation are astounding. I am not an aviation historian or an aeronautical engineer. I am an average guy who had to use the spell check for the correct spelling of “aeronautical”. If I was not aware of the intended use of these shimmering fighter jets, I would be proud of our advancements. However, I am aware as are you. As, an air show spectator, who saw a ghost, this ghost is not friendly and it forced me to ask this question: in the last one hundred years, why did we harness this incredible technology for such destructive purposes?  

  We cannot change the past. We can only ask the next logical question. In the next one hundred years, how will we use our new technology? There is some irony when a B52 Bomber delivers first aid and food supplies to needy victims of a natural disaster. Perhaps our war missions will shift to more humanitarian missions; as the shift in global consciousness shifts to more harmony. We can help shape our future by setting an intention for more peace and love.


Bobby O’Neale is the creator of Syncrohearts: “The game you love to play and play to love.”