Alternatives to Fear

Two weeks ago I was with my mom when she got the news the cancer was back. Just eight months ago we were ecstatic to hear her body was cancer free. Last year was a tough year on all of us as my mom combined surgery, chemotherapy, naturopathic medicine, diet changes, visualization and energy medicine to get her body back to a healthy state. I’m very proud of her for once again following her instincts and combining the components that feel right to her on her journey back to balance and health.

We had a great conversation at lunch the other day about fear and our mutual decision on how we would deal with it this time around. One thing we have both witnessed over the past two years is how prevalent fear is, especially when it comes to cancer. Even when talking to well-meaning people who have holistic healing modalities to offer, the offer is often rooted in fear. While they are very clear on their belief in their product or offering they remain rooted in fear about any other alternative.

On numerous occasions I’ve even had the well-meaning people turn to fear inducing tactics when I mention that I’ll pass on the information to my mom, but that I trust her to make the best decision for her body. I have never felt that the person is intentionally trying to introduce fear to make a sale but I am aware that they have shifted to a place of fear within themselves when the conversation doesn’t go in the direction they would take. They have forgotten that while they may know what’s best for them, they don’t necessarily know what’s best for anyone else.

In our conversation, my mom and I discussed how important it was to keep fear out of her healing process, even if it meant sharing with others that while we value their support and information we are not open to bringing fear into the conversation. The truth is there is no one right answer or cure out there, whether it be for cancer or anything else. Being open to information is essential in discovering what is in alignment for us, but making choices based on fear and ‘what ifs’ creates even more discord in our minds, our emotions and our bodies.

It comes down to the fact that at the core of our being we have all the answers we need. No one knows how to write our story better than we do. Cancer is the context of how the conversation started, but it translates to all areas of our lives. If I’m eating all the right foods because I’m scared by all the stories I hear in the media and I’m scared of getting sick, I’m still filling my body with fear. If I’m choosing to eat healthy because I want to honor my body and be healthy, then I am filling my body with love.

So whatever choices you make this week, whatever information you take in, whatever conversations you may have, you can make a choice. You can choose to live fearlessly, trusting that you already know what’s best for you. When you take a moment to pause and become present, you’ll create space for the answer to reveal itself.


Jodine Buydens is an author, speaker and game changer who helps people shift from experiencing fear to living a joy filled life.