An Inner Inquiry

Welcome to the joy of living. This is your life! How do you like it so far? Do you like what you do, who you are with, how you feel and where you are heading? Do you have a plan, a desire, a dream?

All these questions are pertinent to the Science of Mind® philosophy because how you apply the principles taught depends on how you answer these questions. The premise of this teaching is that we are co-creators of our lives. Our beliefs determine our thoughts; our thoughts generate our feelings; and when we blend beliefs, thoughts and feelings, our words and actions take form to support the beliefs we have. If you want to know what you are believing and thinking, look at your life.

Do you believe me? It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t because you will manifest your life according to your belief – or disbelief.

If you are saying, "See it never works," that is exactly what you will receive – a life of chaos and disorder. Truth is, the disorder is the result of an orderly and intelligent Universe responding precisely to the inner workings of your mind. If you think this is all a bunch of New Age jargon with no validity, you will attract to your life every experience necessary to make it so, in your reality. The converse is also true and that is exciting to me.

The best part of this teaching is that I can support you in all your beliefs. I recognize there are a multitude of ways to live and I don’t profess to know which is best for you. I know your life will unfold directly according to the array of beliefs and feelings you hold. I also know there is no right way or wrong way to believe. It is all just an experience and it is all part of the greater whole. The Infinite Universe is having an experience by means of me and by means of you. Together, we are all one immersed in this pool of potential and we all get to be part of the multiplicity of the great adventure called life.

I believe we can change ANY experience by choosing to look at life differently through a new set of beliefs. In my reality, this teaching is called New Thought and miracles are happening everywhere! I have experienced individuals who have changed their life dramatically through the change of thought: better jobs, increased prosperity, better health, improved vitality, loving relationships, regular occurrences of joy, attacks of happiness and deep satisfaction. It’s all over the place — when you look for it.

In Science of Mind Class we don’t teach anything new. The full year is devoted to encouraging the student to turn away from focusing on what they believe isn’t working in their life to that which is good. By doing so, the student uncovers the blessings already present and joy begins – and continues – to expand. Learning to apply these principles is part of becoming an active participant in your life. Any time you are forced to look at who you are, you discover how beautiful you are. When you get comfortable with that, you begin to want to share with all the love you can. This is why I love this teaching. I get to watch you blossom and grow as you learn to share all your gifts with love.

Rev. Jill Brocklehurst is a Religious Science Minister with Science of Mind® at the Centre for Positive Living in Campbell River. Visit the website at or email