An Interview with India’s Dr. Rebello

Dr. Leo Rebello, an accomplished Doctor of Naturopathy, a PhD British Scholar from India, and a Malaysian Fellow in the Faculty of Homeopathy, is an international advocate of peace and alternative ways to reconnect with healthy ways of being. He is a man on a mission. His voice has been heard around the world in heralding a return to natural cures and yoga therapy to deal with "dis-eases” such as AIDS and all the so-called ‘incurable’ diseases (including cancer and diabetes).

Rebello has lectured in 63 countries and has written 30 books on various topics to promulgate his version of healing; that is an age-old, natural Indian approach. While he does not dismiss other forms of medicine, including modern and scientific, Rebello is an advocate of viewing "anything in the body that is out of balance as the equivalent of disease.”

This 7,000 year old method of healing rests on a platform that views the human body as having three contingents of "humors,” i.e. gas, bile, and phlegm. This exists in a context of a body and universe that contain "five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether (ozone).” Through "drugless healing” Rebello touts that the human organism is ‘wired’ to heal itself.

It follows that an integral part of his healing involves the food that we eat. He quotes Hippocrates, the father of medicine, as saying, "Let your food be your medicine.” Rebello is clear on the fact that "your diet is your destiny.” He states that, "Tomorrow’s bones, skin, hair, blood and cells all depend on what you eat today.” This platform maintains that "man is an herbivore – i.e. fruit, nuts, vegetables, and seeds (including sprouted). These foods (raw food) are full of life. It’s sunshine food.”

Yet Rebello finds that this basic dynamic of our well-being is not addressed in international forums such as the World Health Assembly (the governing body for medical practitioners) where he has been the feature speaker. He is also at odds with the status-quo in treating AIDS like a disease. This healer feels that the medical community and scientists in the know are, "turning the scare into dollars; making AIDS big business.”

In contrast, Rebello’s stance is "from AIDS scare to AIDS care.” He believes that "AIDS is a chronic disorder not a group of 60 diseases” that popular advertisements would have us believe. In other words, a new view of this virus is the difference between prognoses of life versus death.

The salient principles of the natural medicine as per Rebello are

a) "clean up the toxins and revive the major organs of the body,”

b) "treat and maintain the inner environment,” i.e. treat the malaise, and

c) "the treatment effect should not be worse than the disease.”

Of course, Rebello includes getting a case history, a clinical exam and blood tests in his protocol. Some of his techniques include organ massage, ice massage, yoga as therapy, hydrotherapy, meditation, and dietary cleansing/ fasting. Ultimately, it is an "individualized, holistic approach – mind, body and spirit.” And while his methods may be unorthodox, according to the medical community at large, his effectiveness speaks for itself. Rebello has successfully treated cancer, toxemia, and "everything from how to make love to how to treat diabetes.”

This down to earth healer has met renowned leaders such as Mother Theresa. Yet this humble man is grounded in his mission to change attitudes. Rebello keeps it simple, "Water, diet, sleep, exercise, sunshine and humour” are basic. He smiles as he says, "Laughter is the best medicine.”

Although he is centered in Bombay, India, Rebello treats patients in remote areas from his home base with the aid of technology.

You may obtain more information, by contacting Dr. Leo Rebello, N.D. Ph.D., D.Sc, F.F.Hom. at or by visiting his website:

Helena Green is a freelance writer in Nanaimo.