An Unconditional Life

There is something you want to experience in your life right now, but your mind is insisting that there are things that have to happen first, there are other events that have to take place before you can have this experience. There are conditions that have to be met.

  Take a moment to list what your mind insists it knows are factors “in the way” of your desired experience. What is your mind saying it will take for you to “get there”? What is your mind saying is required for you to have this experience?

  Any moment a desire is recognized, your mind begins setting up a “logical” progression of illusions – a sequence of required events before manifestation. The mind sets up thoughts that imply that there are things in the way, that it will take time, or that things of that nature don’t come easily. The mind seats itself in the expert throne and tells a story. 

  The only place that obstacles exist is in the thoughts that are being thought in this one and only moment. It’s only your thoughts that say “this is in the way” or “this has to happen first” or “that has to make an exit”. These are all part of the story you’re empowering, that you’re supplying power to.

  Not a single one of the conditions that you imagine are in the way of your desire, are real in this instant. The choice is never between one “true” story and one “wishful” thinking. Everything is a thought that you’re thinking. The choice is always between a story that serves you and one that does not.

  You are the only one giving unnecessary conditions a reality. All of the conditions and requirements that your mind goes to are illusions, dreams, mental fabrication. And if they are visible manifestations, they are only continuing to appear because of your insistence in their realness. What you insist upon will persist in your experience.

  All of the excuses and negative what if’s are your own private mental constructions. You’re the only one that can generate and empower the illusion that there’s something else in the way of your desire; that there is some condition or obstacle to overcome, is only your story.

  Recognize that everything is cooperating with your mental story!

  Your universe is completely cooperating with the conditions you’re putting into place and insisting upon. Love, this Universe, supports you unconditionally even in the prolonging of your desires. If you say there’s something in the way, that it will take time, then that’s what you’ll experience. No experience can assert itself on you – everything comes only through invitation.

  Your fulfillment is an immediate vibrational reality. You are in an unbroken unity with everything you desire. There are no conditions that have to be met. The immediacy of your fulfillment is actually the only true reality, for you and everything you desire are essentially One. The delay or prolonging or conditions needing to be met is the mental story, the illusion, the imagined obstacles your mind is putting into place, that the Universe then conforms to.

  Are there any conditions to be met apart from what thought suggests? Is there anything in the way when you don’t touch your thoughts, the activated story in your mind? 

  All obstacles are contained in thought only. All conditions are mental in nature. All obstacles are imaginary in every way. 

  In the vibrational domain that translates as your visible physical environment, all outcomes are immediate, instant manifestations. When you ask, it is immediately and unconditionally given. Yet, the conscious mind, your habituated patterns of thought, has a tendency to contradict this – it inserts conditions that have to be met and creates a sequence of future moments for you to live through before you experience the fulfillment of your desire.

  These conditions have no connection to your desire. But because you insist upon them, they come into your experience sequence. Whatever condition you believe in, will come into your experience. It’s only your belief in conditions – conditionality – that fuels and inserts them into your physical experiences.

  What if there are no conditions to be met whatsoever? What if the reality of your desire is unconditional? What if, it is given to you without requirement? Are you open to experiencing your desires in their unconditional nature? Can you step into the immediate allowing of your desires without the obstacles or conditions you mentally manufacture?


Kidest… Explorer. Lover. Traveler. Writer. Speaker. Awakener. Creator. Coach. She currently lives on Vancouver Island, Cananda.