Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

I recently watched a very informative and sad video from Dr. Mercola, which has inspired me to write about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Years ago I went to an ADD- parent support group. As a therapist, I wanted to know more about it.

Upon reading learning the behavioural traits of children with ADD, I realized that was exactly the way I always have behaved!

Thinking back to my childhood, I remembered a couple of episodes that happened as a result of my behaviour. A music teacher became frustrated with me and crashed his violin bow on my head. My cousin and I were sitting on a bench and due to my fidgeting, it fell backward. I was made to stand in the corner, but at that time, teachers did not communicate with my mother to enlighten her about her "terrible” child.

Sometimes I wonder why people do not see the obvious … why do they believe ADD (and ADHD – ADD with hyperactivity) is caused by a genetics? It is a disorder that has been rapidly becoming more and more common with each generation. It wasn’t something we heard of before 1960.

What could cause the over-activity of children? In my opinion, there may be the following five:

1. Not enough opportunities for children to play outside.

2. Poor eating habits, with increased consumption of processed foods

3. Stress

4. The high IQ of Indigo Children and Crystal Children and/or

5. A high degree of of toxins in our environment.

Healthy children need to run, run, run! Daily. Once or twice a week is not enough. Rope jumping, playing and keeping active.

When I attend a two hour lecture, I am unable to sit still. I recently went out of town for a conference and upon returning home, it was ridiculous how I much I moved around after a week of sitting in airplanes and attending lectures. The swimming pool at the hotel wasn’t enough movement. Daily, I run at least twenty times up and down the stairs in my house plus I take daily walks.

Children need healthy food, fruits and vegetables. The best food is cooked from scratch on the stove (not a microwave, which kills the nutrients and enzymes). Whole foods are best to ensure there are no additives. Did you know that over 15,000 additives can be added to the food we buy without them having to be listed on the label? (Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures They don’t Want us to Know About, 2004).

Stress, sweets, meat, dairy products, medication, coffee and alcohol cause acidity in the body. Some symptoms of acidosis are an exaggerated sense of well being and restlessness due to the irritation of the nerves. In this state, people believe they are just in perfect health.

Today, in this time of raising vibrations and a rising consciousness we have more and more children with a very high IQ. They are called Indigo or Crystal children. These children tend to be bored in the traditional schooling system. For further information, "Google” Indigo or Crystal child.

Toxins may be a factor. Since the end of the second world war, more and more pesticides and herbicides have been used on our food crops. These toxins along with others in our environment cause acidity in our bodies and clog the receptor sites of our cells. When it affects the brain cells, we develop diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This disease is already beginning to affect people under fifty years of age. Toxins are everywhere. Just think of the over 15,000 additives, herbicides and pesticides used on our produce, as well as antibiotics and hormones in our meat, dairy and farmed fish.

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