Chickens Are Beautiful Too…

Lessons From Animals: In an online post regarding the council meeting yesterday proposing a Therapeutic Community for the homeless on Woodwynn Farms in Saanich, this quote from an upset community member was included “We live out here to be away from the downtown riff-raff. They want to bring the riff-raff out here? What are they […]

Home Sweet Home

I write this article feeling relaxed, peaceful and cuddled into my new home on an acreage in Cobble Hill. It is my dream home, complete with massive windows, out of which I can see my horses, and is appropriately named Acres of Grace. It has been an interesting journey to get here, and as we […]

Loving What Is

Love and accept what is. How many of us have heard this phrase or a variation of it before? How many of us are actually living it? Speaking from personal experience, this can be a tough pill to swallow for many of us of the human persuasion. The great irony is our human desire to […]