Letting Go to Lighten Up

What is it about a birthday, especially specific birthdays? In this case, I am referring to the ones with a zero at the end. 20, 30, 40, 50; all milestones along the journey, somehow more significant than the rest. I have just had the good fortune to arrive at one such opportunity as I enter […]

Lessons from Animals: Unconditional Love

What does love look like? Being quite intangible, our concept of love is often unique from one person to the next. Perhaps love to me looks like a good meal, or something I receive when I have done something well. For another person, love looks like a gift or a compliment. For the next, it […]

Timing and Trust: Lessons from Animals

Animals, by their nature, seem to have an admirable grasp of the concept of “divine” timing. In essence, “divine” timing belies an understanding that everything in our lives is happening exactly as it needs to be. Perhaps their lack of agenda or expectations has a good deal to do with this balanced way of viewing […]