Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

I find it funny how easy it is to recognize problems when they are other people’s but how hard it is to see them when they are your own. How does that start and where do we learn it? Why do we have such a hard time recognizing our own shortcomings, or knowing where they […]

Faith or Fear?

I had the opportunity to test this question when my husband was away on his annual golfing holiday. I will admit right now, I am a chicken when I am in the house by myself. I want to be brave and be a woman of the new millennium, and there are days when I even […]

The More Things Change

I saw a story on the news that got me to thinking about the saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. It was about a builder who was building a very high end home in the greenest manner possible. As he listed the qualities that made this house “special,” I couldn’t […]