What Will We Choose?

In the quiet moments of our minds it is entertaining to listen to some of the thoughts that bounce in and out of our consciousness. Lately, I doubt if there is one among us who cannot find thoughts of economy, debt or loss of jobs. You cannot turn on a television or radio without hearing […]

Restoring Balance

I really don’t believe much in accidents. Having done energy work on the bodies of people from many different walks of life, I have been privileged to see just how balanced energy can be. I had one big example of this while attending a seminar in Seattle where Barbara Brennan (a retired nuclear physicist) was […]


This year I am painting a series on the ocean and of course, reflections. As I pick and choose images to paint, I am fascinated by the water reflections and inwardly I can’t help but notice how they parallel life. Isn’t it funny how we experience things and then later on they will pop up […]

What is Spirit?

What is Spirit? Is it the inspiration you get when you are trying to accomplish something that you haven’t done before, and you ask in the middle of doing it… "How do I do this?” Have you ever wondered where the answers come from when you ask those questions in your mind? Is that Spirit? […]

Family Dinner

I have been very fortunate in my life. I was blessed with shining examples of what giving was, and consider myself fortunate to have grown up believing strongly in giving back. I know this would not have happened had I not had the lessons learned from watching my paternal grandmother and my mom. My grandmother […]