Self Reflection

All of our famous luminaries are saying that we’re on the verge of a profound shift in consciousness. Marianne Williamson has been saying this for years. Here in Arizona, the Hopi have been warning us to “Let go of the shores”, as the proverbial river of human potential gains momentum. It feels to me like […]

Beyond the Utopian World of Consensus

Synergy is a word that means a great deal to me. But there are times when it just can’t be achieved by goodwill alone. Three years ago my husband and I moved into a co-housing community. Co-housing communities are typically run by consensus agreement. They’re usually about peacefully co-existing in a viable, sustainable, harmonious setting, […]

Choosing Our Changes

There are times in our lives when we must close one chapter in order to begin another. Some times it is by choice and some times not. I’d rather choose. Trust me, it’s a lot less painful! I’ve come to believe that life will present us with opportunities to make the important changes we need […]