Love Lives Here

It is Saturday afternoon. My fingers are poised on my keyboard, and I am present to the Divine Love that flows through me and to the words flowing from that love. I am grateful for the peace that envelopes me, warms me, keeps me clear and present to this precious moment of now. There is […]

A Wounded Heart

The journey began three years ago. I named it and released it into consciousness. This is where this story begins. I was in a coaching program at Royal Roads University. As part of that program, I created a personal foundation document that included a mission and vision statement. As I pondered this process I knew […]

India – The Color of Love

My partner Lucas and I have made several trips to India over the last few years. It is our second home. While others go to Arizona to beat the Canadian chill, we go to India to warm our hearts and souls. We see an India that is often hidden from western eyes and the western […]