Backyard Chickens

I am obsessed with chickens of late. I find myself setting the alarm a half-hour earlier to sit with my chickens for a morning cup of coffee. It is a delight to watch them run around and stretch their wings when I open the door to their coop in the morning. They are much more interesting […]

Harvesting the Bounty of Bacteria

Several years back, I had a nasty sinus infection that resisted several treatments of antibiotics before clearing up. Unfortunately, in the process, I killed most of the natural flora in my gut. The result was a low-grade diarrhea for the following two years. Our culture is obsessed with sterility but, in reality, we live in […]

The Local Food Movement is Political, Economic, Environmental & Social ACTION!

Once every few years, you get a chance to vote at the polls. However, every single day you get a chance to vote at the till. How you spend your money has political, economic, environmental and social consequences. I have worked for political campaigns in both Provincial and Federal elections. I have lobbied politicians, written […]