Journal From a Mom

Writing and journals are windows into my life, helping me stay sane and clear during chaos and fear, time and time again. It’s strange that I’m here on the Gorge waterway in Victoria—where I lived and played as a child—praying that my son will recover from this senseless head injury. It happened Sunday night, I […]

Art Class 101

I thought Mr. Richardson my high school art teacher was really cool. He had longish, wavy brown hair, a kind, deep voice and just the right amount of push to get students making art, even when art showed up in unexpected and unacceptable (to students) form. In the abstract painting part of our Creative Drawing […]

Right Now I Am

Right now I’m experiencing the peace that comes from acceptance of what is – and that peace sure took its time. Usually easygoing, carefree and content – well, don’t check with my husband – today I felt  infused with low-grade anxiety, impatience, boredom, feeling uneasy and not knowing why, being perfectionistic, feeling tired and finding […]