Introversion / Extraversion – Celebrating Our Differences!

Most people think introverts are shy and anti-social compared to extraverts who are not. Until we realize the unique differences and strengths both personality types offer, each may continue to befuddle the other.   Our social standard leans towards extraversion, being a “people person.”  As a child, having lots of friends, liking parties, preferring to […]

Life On Purpose

To evolve and awaken consciousness is the purpose of humanity– according to A. Ramana, Eckhart Tolle, Ernest Holmes, The Dalai Lama. These enlightened, ordinary people, and spiritual teachers before them show us the way. So, how do we awaken and what is purpose?  Understanding and experience tell me that awakening happens every time I’m fully […]

Healing Consciousness From Within

The message from all spiritual teachers, masters and guides is the same: wake from our slumber and bring consciousness to the unconscious. We all know – somewhere, somehow – who and what we are and I long to be truer to that knowing. I feel the need for humanity to evolve into awareness and will […]

A Change of Pace On the Other Side

For two weeks last month I changed where I slept, how I ate and changed my language. Being on the other side of the country, in Montreal, forces these changes upon anyone – even the most French of us!  I didn’t sleep so well, first at my mom’s who lives just off the Metropolitan Boulevard. […]