DOC Wildwoods

DOC Wildwoods Admissions of a Fine Woodworker What do you get when you cross a logger, a fisherman and a fine woodworker? DOC Wildwoods, that’s what! Daryl O’Connor – DOC were the initials on his time card when he worked in the woods – builds custom kitchens, distinct fine furniture and impressive interior and exterior […]

Journey to the Self

The Practice of Self-Inquiry. Is there is a stirring within you? A question that asks, "Is this all there is?” or "Where is the meaning in the world?” Do you feel the stillness that exists when all is quiet within? Is there something inside that is ready to be seen and awakened? Humanity is experiencing […]

MT 101

You hear it from staff and you hear it from patients. You hear it from pharmacists, insurance companies and lawyers. "I can’t read the doctor’s writing!” Doctors are renowned for their scribbled scrawl. But I have a better one: try typing 100 words-per-minute of English-defying medical terminology – straight from your doctor’s lips. This includes […]